Out of Office Hours

Creating dialog between newcomers and people working in the tech industry.

Who you are

You may be in school, thinking about getting into the industry, or struggling with your first tech job. Perhaps you don’t have the opportunity to go to university or college and you’re wondering if technology is a potential career path. Perhaps you don’t identify with a lot of the people you see in tech and you’re wondering if tech will be a rewarding space for you.

Who our volunteers are

We’re founders, designers, and engineers. Some of us work at large companies and some at smaller, established companies. We won’t pretend to have answers or advice for you, but we will try our hardest to relate, and share some of our experiences. Like you, many of us took the traditional university route to the tech industry, and many of us are self-taught.

How do you talk to someone?

We ask that you fill out a brief questionnaire. This let’s us learn about you and prevents Out of Office Hours from being first-come first-served. We recognize our privilege and would prefer to elevate voices that are diverse around people of color, gender identity, sexuality, and class.

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How does Out of Office Hours work?

Every month we update this site with a group of people volunteering to video chat or meet you in person. We try to have a diverse selection of volunteers because we believe there’s a place for everyone in tech. Having role models you can relate to is important.

March 2017 Volunteers

Rita Turkowski lead product marketing on the Xenko game engine at silicon studio, Inc.

I have worked at Apple, Intel, Unity, AMD and two start-ups to craft and execute go-to-market strategies for B2B video, graphics and gaming products mostly. I have been doing this since the early 90's. I have two tech degrees, which serves most of my work efforts quite well.

Silvia Tomanin Product Owner, Web and Open Data

Silvia is a web engineer with 7+ years of combined experience in web development, infrastructure and project management. She started out as a web developer, and later took an interest in UX, interaction design, and product management. She has experienced in website redesigns, migrations and technical projects involving in-house or distributed teams in international cross-cultural environments. She has been working for research institutes such as CERN , non-profit such as Doctors Without Borders, digital agencies and as a consultant.

Kevin Liu Product + Data at Mattermark

Kevin is the data lead and product manager at Mattermark. Previously, he spent time in venture and private equity working with early-stage entrepreneurs and evaluating turnaround opportunities. Kevin is an avid fan of leveraging ML to big problems. You may talk to Kevin about data science, product management, deal sourcing, managing cross functional teams, working in fast growing companies.

Evan Solomon Engineer @ LinkedIn

Evan has worked in a bunch of different roles at a few interesting early stage startups – marketing at Justin.tv (pre-Twitch), growth at Automattic (makers of WordPress.com) and engineering at Medium — before co-founding a startup called Run Hop that was acquired by LinkedIn. He'd love to talk to you about engineering, data, product, or fundraising.

Cat Macaulay Head User Research & Service Design, Scottish Government

I'm a design ethnographer and user researcher currently working in government. I've spent most of my working life trying to make it easier for the people who have a problem that needs solved take part in solving it. Worked in business, community projects, international relief and academia. Now leading the development of the user research and service design profession in the Scottish Government. Our team's mission is to make sure that no public service is designed without service users being involved in defining the problem (design the right thing) and building the solution (design the thing right). Happy talking about user research, ethnography, service design and working in government. Also as a disabled woman and a lesbian happy to to talk about the issues we can face in the workplace. I passionately believe workplaces should be diverse and inclusive because it's the right thing to do and because it's better for the work!

Lisa Cuesta Vice President, NextGen Venture Partners

Lisa is on the investment team at NextGen Venture Partners. Prior to NextGen, Lisa worked at Google where she was involved in the launches of several ecommerce and media businesses. Reach out to chat about venture capital, product management, sales operations, big tech (Google), startups (Bookly), MBAs in tech, and diversity initiatives.

Nat Welch Software Reconnaissance Engineer

Most recently Nat was a Site Reliability Engineer for Hillary for America. He has been a professional software person since 2005 and has also worked at Google, iFixit, Punchd and other places. He calls himself a Software Reconnaissance Engineer because he loves exploring systems and trying new things. He'll gladly talk about Site Reliability Engineering, DevOps, Open-Source, Distributed Systems, "The Cloud", programming, infrastructure design, job hunting, side projects or his favorite coffee shops.

Leander Lenzing Product Designer @mytaxi

I am a Product Designer at mytaxi, formerly car2go & Familonet, based in Hamburg, Germany. I am a lover of grids, good coffee, scandinavian design, pencils, matt black things, bright rooms, drums, walking & creating. I really love what I do.

Stanley Idesis Enterprise Software and Marketing Consultant, I'm a Renaissance Human

My best friend taught me how to write software, and we both worked for Zynga, where I was assigned to Words with Friends. We left, then failed to get into Y-Combinator after a harrowing interview (https://www.quora.com/What-is-it-like-to-be-rejected-by-Y-Combinator/answer/Stanley-Idesis). Several years later, I advise and work with ed-tech and enterprise software companies. You can talk to me about literally anything. I'm particularly passionate about education, tech, product design, business, user experience, gaming, the singularity, singing, content marketing, the list goes on.

Amanda Conrad Director, Product Management

Amanda Conrad leads some of true[X]'s largest initiatives and is an integral part of truly innovative work in the realm of monetizing content for some of the country's largest digital media companies. Amanda enjoys working on diverse teams and solving complex market problems. With a long background in product design, she specializes in smart, clean, and usable interface and believes technology should help us work smarter, not harder.

Greg Beldam Freelance Design Director

Previously Design Director at Shopify. Lead the mobile and core product design teams as well as conceptual products and strategy. Currently helping start-ups get going with design and product direction. You can talk to Greg about management, creative direction, building design teams, design systems and scale, Canadian tech culture and going freelance.

Jimmy Fursman Principal @ Mercutio

Primarily a freelance developer in the e-Commerce space, I formed Mercutio in 2015 as a way to scale my own work and help companies succeed online. I've worked previously as a Full-Stack Developer & Systems Administrator and now love that I get to blend Business Strategy with my technical skills. Talk to me about Engineering, DevOps, Entrepreneurship, or Freelancing

Muhammad Elmelegy Senior Product Designer @ Zalando

Muhammad has been designing digital products for more than 7 years across 3 continents. From Cairo to Toronto to San Fran to Berlin. Formerly Senior Product Designer at Circletie, Product Design Lead for Instaradio and Lead Designer at Storenvy. At the moment he's building digital fashion experience at Zalando in Berlin. You can talk to Muhammad about many aspects of design, designing for mobile, prototyping and working in the startup world vs working in the corporate world.

Tim Kington Developer at Fog Creek, and Computer Science Instructor at Franklin University

Formerly a team lead at Sterling Commerce and an architect at Online Development, Inc. I have worked on everything from embedded systems to enterprise Java systems to full-stack web development. Right now I'm working on Gomix at Fog Creek, making it easy for anyone to create their own web applications.

Manuj Aggarwal Technology Leader / Architect / Engineer

Manuj have been in the software industry since 1997. He has worked in various startups and larger corporations in multiple verticals like healthcare, eLearning, real estate, etc. He tries to bring the lessons learned in the enterprise to tech startups. Over the past two decades - he has been part of some cool and innovative products over the years. Some failed and some succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams. All those learnings are valuable, and he is eager to share and help wherever he can.

Adam Solove Platform Engineering Lead at StickerMule

I have a masters degree in Chinese poetry but somehow ended up as a programmer. I am self-taught, including some long digressions into academic/abstruse topics, but mostly focusing on web development for ecommerce. I've previously worked for a nonprofit, two stressful startups, and a big slow public company. But these days I have carved out a peaceful lifestyle working from home for a well-run, bootstrapped company. I currently lead the StickerMule platform team building our core ecommerce platform, from backend services to funnel optimization. I'm happy to talk about: getting more proficient in web development, making the jump from development to management, figuring out if a job is right for you, and finding a life outside of work.

Evan Knight Interaction Designer @ Google

Before Google, I founded Yodel, and was a Product Designer at GrubHub in Chicago. I focused on HCI Design at Cornell. I'd love to chat about design process, building products, founding a startup, working at a big company, staying sane and making decisions, tools/workflow, and interviewing.

Josh McCray Web Designer / Developer

I'm an in house design/developer for Jockey (the underwear company!). I started out as an intern 5 years ago and have been here since! Since we're a smaller team my roles vary from marketing design, user experience and some front end development.

Mark Hall Enterprise Sales @ Google

Mark Hall is a technology expert with deep experience in startup technologies and enterprise infrastructure. Currently working at Google, Mark serves a sales strategist to C-level executives at companies that want to understand cloud and big data technologies. Prior to his 4+ years at Google, Mark worked across a number of tech startups doing sales, marketing and communications. He has contributed to industry publications including The Huffington Post, Business Insider, YFS Magazine and others. He also mentors and advises consumer and enterprise startups across the country.

Richard Kho Software Engineer @ Capital One

Richard Kho is a software engineer at Capital One. It's his first full-time job in the industry, having formerly worked at a startup in a customer support capacity. In 2014, Richard taught himself how to code in his spare time and ended up attending Hack Reactor, a coding bootcamp which let him pivot into the world of software engineering. Currently, Richard is working on an enterprise-scale React application which handles all of the credit card signups for Capital One. Additionally, on the side, Richard is writing a book on React Native development slated for publishing this year. You can talk with Richard about breaking into tech and learning how to code.

Christopher Hendel Product Manager @ MongoDB

Formerly, Chris was the Special Projects Lead at Pebble. Chris worked as both a Software Engineer and Product Manager building Pebble Core, Pebble Concierge, and running Pebble's latest Kickstarter, raising over $12 million. You can talk to Chris about product management, software engineering, product design, working at startups, and failure.

Ian Patrick Hines Founder & CEO of Hines Digital

Ian got involved in digital and politics in 2003, and since 2013 he’s been a full-time web design & fundraising consultant for some of the world’s leading political campaigns and advocacy organizations. Prior to consulting, Ian was a freelance web designer and an Los Angeles startup employee. You can talk to him about start ups, freelancing, product design, freelancing, career planning for multiple jobs, or really whatever.

Juleigh Pisciotti Product Manager/Strategist at DMI Inc

Juleigh is a product manager/strategist working at DMI. In her division, they work with clients to discover their core users, problem statements to solve, test ideas and build solutions. Most recently, she helped define and build an app that allows truck drivers to tap into community and find truck friendly routes and stops along their way. Before DMI, she worked as a product manager at Bloomberg Government (BGOV) to define and build tools to help government contractors find opportunities for new business.

Robleh Jama Senior product manager @ Shopify

Robleh Jama is a Senior Product Manager at Shopify, a commerce platform for entrepreneurs, built by entrepreneurs. Previously, Robleh founded an award-winning mobile product studio called Tiny Hearts that was acquired in 2016 by Shopify. At Tiny Hearts, Robleh launched several highly regarded apps including Next Keyboard (#2 overall), Quick Fit (featured in an Apple commercial, #1 Health), Wake Alarm (#1 Utilities) and Pocket Zoo (#1 Education). These apps have been downloaded over 6 million times and have appeared in the New York Times and Wired Magazine.

Stacy La Director of Design at Clover Health

Stacy La is the Director of Design at Clover Health. She was the first designer, established their brand and identity, initial product application design, and hired a team of 14 designers across brand and product. Prior to Clover, she was the first non-partner designer at Futuredraft and has worked with companies like Intuit, GE Healthcare, Facebook, and Yammer (acquired by Microsoft). You can talk to Stacy about mentorship, managing teams, building a diverse and inclusive team/workplace, transitioning into design, and designing for healthcare.

Andy Vitale UX Design Principal, 3M Health Care

Andy Vitale is a UX Design Principal at 3M, where he translates people’s thoughts and desires, spoken or not, into experiences that improve the healthcare industry for both patients and providers. With more than 15 years of experience in the design industry, Andy has held multiple roles as a designer, entrepreneur, college professor and team leader. His experiences have taught him that a successful product hinges on one principle, truly understanding the end user. Andy has developed strategies and design solutions for diverse organizations ranging from startups to Fortune ranked companies. He is a relentless user experience evangelist, driven by a shared vision and user-centered passion that takes a team, and its products, from good to great. Aside from his primary role at 3M, Andy is also an adjunct professor for Kent State University’s User Experience Design graduate degree program.

Hannah Zachritz Head of Product

Head of Product at Wiivv Wearables and an advisor of education-tech companies. Formally, Hannah was a Product Manager at Chegg, and a Product Manager and Sales Manager at Uversity. You can talk to Hannah about Product Management, UX, strategy, and Business Development.

Aldrin Montana Bioinformatics Engineer at Personalis

Aldrin has worked for the past 2 years at Personalis as a Bioinformatics analyst/engineer. Previously, he worked for about a year and a half at Workday as a performance engineer, and graduated with a B.S. and M.S. in computer science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Aldrin primarily has experience in java and python, and some minimal experience in a handful of other languages. His primary interests are in data management, database systems, and bioinformatics/computational biology. But, of course, he is available for most anything (in-depth expertise not guaranteed).

Misbah Ashraf Product & Growth Lead at Toymailco.com , YC W'16

Misbah Ashraf is a Product Growth Evangelist who is passionate about building products that users find delightful and scaling it without spending money. Currently, He is leading Product and Growth at Toymail backed by YC, Amazon and Shark Tank. Previously, he has grown products from whiteboard to 100k users in less than a month multiple times while working with startups in 3 different continents. You can talk to Misbah about design, community building, growth, product, impact, and storytelling.

Wayne Sang Product Manager at The Working Group

Wayne has over 9 years of professional design experience, including Jet Cooper (became Shopify Toronto), Uken Games, EventMobi, and more. He's currently a Product Manager at The Working Group, a digital consulting company. Wayne migrated into Product Management over the past 2 years, bringing in a healthy design background into it. He's still learning how to best leverage it while working in a different role. Wayne has a diverse background and has been self-taught for his whole career, but has been fortunate to meet great people in every role that have helped him along the way. He has endless thoughts on design, products, games, and finding your fit in the world.

Buzz Usborne Design Lead

Buzz is a product designer and founder of Prevue. He has most recently worked as Lead Designer at Atlassian and was formerly the UX Director at Campaign Monitor, Head of Product at Sendle and lead designer at Skype — he's also worked for design agencies in the UK and Australia. You can talk with Buzz about anything design related, finding your way in tech, growing teams or progressing in your design career.

Marc Seitz CTO at Hackerbay

Marc is a self-taught full-stack engineer. With a background in a finance and physics, he switched fields and started programming 5 years ago with an edX's Intro to Programming course. Since then Marc has attended over 70 hackathons and won a third of them. Together with friends, he has founded Hackevents, the world's leading search engine for hackathons. He is the founder and CTO at Hackerbay, a tech company that helps non-tech corporate departments to become more innovative, experiment and release new product ideas faster: the days of the 2-year product release cycle is over! You can talk with Marc about design automation, working in startups, or if you want to learn about how to start to program and what opportunities you can have.

Spencer Hoffman Sr. Technical Recruiter at Mixpanel

Spencer Hoffman is a technical recruiter at Mixpanel, a fast growing mobile/web analytics startup, in SF. This is the 2nd startup he's worked at and before here he recruited and ran a team at an agency for many of the top companies including Facebook and Google. Feel free to ping him for unbiased info about what recruiters look for, startups, how to differentiate yourself, entering recruiting, what to look for in organizations, and more. Or hit him up to just shoot the shit and get the perspective of someone that came out here knowing no one without a job and created a pretty sweet life :)

Alex Kehaya Founder

I'm the founder of ActionWins, a referral marketing software product that makes it super easy to add referral features to web and mobile apps. I'm a self taught full stack developer and an educator. I have 7 years of teaching experience and have taught every grade level k-12, undergraduate, graduate, and professional development. I've worked with both startups and fortune 500s. If your interested in learning to code, SaaS, and entrepreneurship then I can help!

Veronica Domeier Freelance Designer

Veronica is a freelance designer & full-time mom living in Texas. She has been freelancing for a decade with clients large and small, her favorite clients are small–mom and pop businesses. She has worked with HoltCat, Edwards Aquifer, KFernandez & Associates, The U.S. Airforce, Earth Mom and others. Veronica would love to speak with you about freelancing, design, mentorship, and even the challenges of freelancing with kids at home.

Simon Keane Designing the future of mobile-only banking

Simon is a self-taught Product Designer with no formal education in the design industry. He is currently designing the future of mobile-only banking at Starling in London, England. Previously, he worked with clients such as Google, Channel 4 and Memrise at the award-winning design agency Ribot. You can chat with Simon about creating a portfolio that will stand out among the rest, and landing your first job in the industry.

Aayush Iyer Senior Product Designer at Twilio

Aayush is an experienced designer and front-end developer who approaches products from a growth perspective. His interdisciplinary approach is informed by his past experience as a journalist, copywriter, product manager, and creative director.

Joey Isaacson Product Designer

Joey Isaacson is a Product Designer at Facebook in Menlo Park with 5 years of experience. His experience with several start ups include Songkick, where he lead product teams in New York and London. He is also a pretty cool dude if I might add.

Dan Smolkin Founder @ Integraph

Dan is the founder of Integraph, an employee lifecycle management tool. Previously, he built the people operations (HR) function for Quixey as they grew from 10 to 250 employees worldwide. You can talk with Dan about people operations, product development, going from non-technical to technical roles or for a quick bit of career advice.

Keith Kurson Engineer at Nava PBC

Keith Kurson is a self taught engineer, currently building government technology to scale at Nava PBC, focusing as a tech lead on Healthcare.gov. He was previously a Code for America fellow, serving the Mayors' Office of Operations in New York City, mostly building tools for social workers to better connect with and serve their clients. He's interested in chatting about front end development, building and designing for government, and LGBTQ issues in technology.

David Lee Seasoned IT Pro - Systems Admin, Global Management, M&A

With 7 years of Semi and Tech experience David has accomplished much in a short time. Designing and implementing system management technology, evaluating DR products and business continuity solutions to M&A activity at the global scale. His holistic approach optimized growth impact for the business and maintained a high level of customer service based upon his #1 Guiding Principle: Give more than you get. Since September of 2016, he has transferred his skills and hard work ethic to be a small business owner and content creator. You can trust that David will be your wingman if you're seeking a career in information technology - to follow your passion and live your D.R.E.A.M (Direct Reflection Expressing A Miracle).

Shaun Tollerton Product Designer at ustwo

👋🏻 I'm a digital product designer with more than 9 years experience. Along the way I've developed skills in creating, visualizing and prototyping interactive experiences for Android, iOS and the Web. Let's chat! 🤓

Nathan Bashaw Co-Founder of Hardbound

I co-created Product Hunt, worked at General Assembly as a PM on a lot of fun products (most notably Dash.ga.co), and now am the CEO and co-founder of Hardbound. We're creating a new medium for visual storytelling. I love talking through startup ideas, product designs, and the future of media.

Joshua Söhn Product designer at Kontist

Joshua Söhn is a product designer at Kontist and a Design Advisor at Vossy Hotels. Formally, he was working as a Freelance Designer for various clients and agencies in Berlin and worldwide. You can talk to Joshua about freelancing, product design, front-end development, networking, getting clients and how to grow in a start-up.

Eric Hoekendorf Designer & Co-Founder at Foyyay, Inc.

Using design and technology to meet needs is Eric's life's work. He's spent well over a decade nudging pixels, crafting unique experiences, directing product, and building teams. His philosophy is to pair a remarkable level of service with sustainable methods and expressions, believing that taking this approach always creates lasting solutions that people love. He imagines and organizes everything with a focus on emotion informed by data — drawing inspiration from the balance found in music between theory and feeling. He has product leadership and customer-focused design experience, as well as digital branding, agency-based client relationships serving the crazy world of tech, fashion and entertainment.

Siddharth Jaiswal Launch and Growth Marketing for Startups

Siddharth is a Product Marketer experienced in SaaS and Consumer Web Products. He worked for Hiree.com until September 2016 (2 Years) as their Marketing and Business Intelligence guy. Has helped entrepreneurs shape their product, LAUNCH and GROW.

Yan Lhert Freelance Engineer & Entrepreneur

I co-founded Zen99 (YC S14) with Tristan Zier and acted as CTO, but now I'm mostly a freelance engineer working on music technology. I've worked at around 8 startups now, and I've been doing software development professionally for about 10 years. I help run Xfer Records with Steve Duda and I advise a couple of startups. I now live in Barcelona but I'm back in the bay area once a quarter.

Stephan Ango Co-founder at Lumi

Stephan Ango is the Head of Product and co-founder of Lumi. Lumi was one of the very first Kickstarter campaigns back in 2009. The business has evolved organically towards a platform that today helps thousands of companies with their packaging needs. As a designer and programmer, Stephan leads both creative and technical direction of the company. He has a background in biology and industrial design, and enjoys talking about everything from building physical products, to fundraising, and developing the mental tools to stay positive in the stressful world of technology.

Brandon Wood Senior Designer at Centene Corporation

Brandon Wood is a senior designer at Centene Corporation, a Fortune 500 company in the healthcare industry. Brandon has previously held design and marketing roles at small advertising agencies in the greater Boston area. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Arts from Gordon College in Massachusetts. You can speak with Brandon about all mediums of design, as well as portfolios, networking, and working in ad agency and corporate settings.

Abadesi Osunsade Founder

Abadesi Osunsade is founder of Hustle Crew, a career development platform empowering underrepresented groups into senior leadership positions. Formerly, Abadesi has worked in growth oriented roles at Groupon, Amazon and HotelTonight. You can talk with Abadesi about biz dev, marketing, networking and how to get your dream job in the startup world.

Juan Rafael Lopez VP of UX at Validately

Engineer turned UX Designer. Started at an international 80K person companies and now running UX and Product for a 15 person startup.

Abhishek Bhattacharya Student. Developer. Entrepreneur. Writer.

I have been a developer since high school, and a writer since college. Am about to be an Entrepreneur. :-)

Maitrik Patel User Experience Designer & Web Developer

I’m an UI / Front-end Developer and an UX enthusiast based in Bay Area, California. I stand on a sweet spot where design & code intersects. My comprehensive knowledge in design and technology allows me to cultivate productive teams in a synergic environment that meets the requirements of creative and developers concurrently. I work with the latest techniques in UI/ Front End Development along with agile workflow that results in simple, beautiful, intuitive and pixel perfect interface designs & products. I am currently working at DocuSign as Web Developer developing cross-platform compatible,responsive, modern, engaging and highly visible marketing web pages.

Victor Wu Product Manager @ GitLab

Victor Wu is currently a product manager at GitLab, a software collaboration tools startup. He has worked in foodtech (Grubhub), fintech (Enova, BMO Harris Bank), mobile communications (Bytemobile), and software consulting. You can talk to him about product management, data science, software engineering, startups, and remote work. Victor has a PhD in electrical engineering (University of Illinois). So you can also ask him about academia/research versus the business world.

Tanner Godarzi A Front Dev at Dropbox

Tanner Godarzi, a Front End engineer with a design background helps lead revenue growth at Dropbox. You can talk to Tanner about interviewing in the tech industry, Front End best practices or trying to find a path towards responsible development.

Jonny Mack Product designer @ Google in Seattle

Jonny Mack is a product designer on Google's Cloud Platform. Previously he lead projects on Android and Chrome OS system UI, and was a prototyper on webOS at HP. Additionally, Jonny has been a guest speaker and portfolio reviewer at General Assembly and Seattle Central Creative Academy. You can talk with Jonny about all aspects of the product design process, interview prep and hiring practices, and collaborating with product managers and engineers.

Emily Paul User Researcher at Salesforce

Emily Paul is a user researcher on the Service Cloud UX team at Salesforce. Using a variety of research methods, she brings user-driven feedback and insights to product design and development. She recently completed her master's in information management and systems at UC Berkeley's School of Information. Prior to grad school she worked at a nonprofit book publisher and an international development think tank doing communications, fundraising, and technology project management. You can talk with Emily about user research, changing careers, and graduate programs.

Janine Yorio CEO/Co-Founder, StayAwhile

Janine built her career at the cutting edge of hospitality, first in private equity, where she worked with Ian Schrager's Morgans Hotel Group and then with Standard Hotels. More recently, she has co-founded two venture-backed startups in the hospitality space, including StayAwhile, a membership model for housing that combines accommodations with logistics services and allows people to live in multiple places without maintaining multiple residences. She can talk (for hours) about capital-raising and crossing over from bricks-and-mortar to the startup world. She graduated from Yale.

Sam Elgar Co-Founder @ritualmusic and Growth @invoke

Sam is runs business development for Invoke, the digital product company behind Hootsuite. He also co-founded Ritual Music, a music-licensing platform His background has been in strategy, business development and client relationship management in technology and design.

Vince Law Product Manager, Coach, Consultant

Mechanical Engineer turned Tech/Management Consultant turned Product Manager. Most recently at General Assembly as head of the Product Management team. Currently coaching and teach aspiring+experienced PM and consulting with early-stage startups.

Colin Keany Product Designer at MongoDB

Colin Keany is a Product Designer with 7 years experience designing digital products for cloud-based tech companies in New York City. He is currently working with the team at MongoDB focusing on building the best database solution on the market. Before that, his roles included working at several agencies spanning a variety of clients and work from web design, print and marketing design to front-end web development. His first major role in tech was with DigitalOcean, the simple cloud hosting provider designed for developers. He joined DigitalOcean at a size of about 70 people, and scaled up with the company until it was just under 300 before leaving at the end of 2016. Over that time, he and the team led DigitalOcean to becoming the second most preferred cloud hosting platform in the world.

Gordon Tindall Product Design Lead at Kamcord

At Kamcord designed a live streaming service targeted at the mobile game market. Monetized live streams through virtual goods before "bits" on twitch were a thing. Currently helping people share their mobile life 15sec at a time. Formerly worked as a self-taught, solo product designer on two Q&A platforms: Trippy and Women.com; appraised hundred of millions in fine art; and ran a wholesale produce company.

Matthew Voshell Product Designer / User Researcher / Photographer

Matthew started out his career as a cyber solutions architect working for CACI and Booz Allen Hamilton w U.S. Intelligence and Defense agencies. Ethical concerns caused Matthew to rethink his career and shifted to UX Design. Over the past year he has been working for a data science startup designing a compliance surveillance app for one of the world's largest financial institutions. Matthew is looking forward to discussing Enterprise Design, UI Design / Sketch, Ideation, Wireframing, Prototyping, Information Architecture, Contextual User Interviews / User Research, Requirements Analysis, Stakeholder Relationship Management, and Agile Methodologies

Michael Lee Product Designer @ Sunrun

Michael is currently a Product Designer at Sunrun working on internal tools/consumer facing applications. Previously he worked with startups at CAL as a designer in residence where he attended college, worked at Google as a Design Producer, and worked on his own startups. Michael also likes to write on Medium and run workshops on prototyping (Flinto & Framer). You can talk to Michael about all things design, prototyping & product.

James Turnbull CTO @ Emaptico

I'm an engineer and author. Formerly CTO at Kickstarter, an early engineer at Docker & Puppet, VP of Engineering at Venmo, and the author of ten books on engineering, infrastructure, and operations. Leading/running teams, recruiting, scaling systems and people, systems architecture, deployment, operations, product process, product-market fit, and building customer success functions.

Adam Wood Founder, Bici Labs

I've founded and scaled several startups. My specialization is finding white space for new products, creating that product and then building a scalable team. I've worked with startups and Fortune 50s to create new products across dozens of industries. I feel comfortable talking about: Product, design, business, startups, product strategy.

Thomson Nguyen Head of Data Science, Square Capital

Thomson Nguyen is the Head of Data Science at Square Capital. Previously, he was the Founder/CEO of Framed Data (acquired by Square in 2016). He is also a Visiting Scholar at the Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences at NYU, where his research is in malicious behavior and parallelized decision trees. You can talk to Thomson about working in startups, building a product from scratch, machine learning, startup fundraising, and how to get started in the tech industry.

Darick Dang Product Designer at wongfremont

Darick is a second generation Asian-American and a child of two refugees who was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He began his career as a front-end developer and then entered the world of advertising. Once the iPhone came out, he realized that people began to really understand and care about design. That idea was so powerful to him that he joined a startup accelerator where he led the design, creative and UX for more than 35 startups. After the accelerator wound down, he became a design consultant and worked with local startups and global brands and hasn't looked back since.

amanda russell Product Manager at Food52

Amanda currently works as the Product Manager for a media and e-commerce company that has a website, an iOS app, and a robust email program. Before this, she was the User Experience Lead for a full-service digital agency, specializing in responsive web. In the more distant past, she was a User Experience Designer, and before that, she did 4-5 years of federal and state technology consulting with companies like Deloitte. She's worked in companies from 50 people to over 100,000; public and private sector; and in most of the SDLC. You can talk to Amanda about product and user experience, being a woman in technology, and other stuff about tech.

Danny Knapp Software Engineer

Danny Knapp is a software engineer at Salesforce. He is a self-taught technologist that has worked in the industry for over 20 years, starting out as a copier technician in the early 90's. He has worked as a support technician, trainer, tech writer, systems architect/engineer, product manager, before working as a software developer. He's also worked as a audio/video production engineer, a photographer, as well as being a professional musician for over 30 years. You can talk with Danny about technology, mentorship, networking, work/life balance, and working in the startup world as well as large corporations.

Steven Fabre Product Designer at InVision

I currently work as lead designer on the InVision’s design tools team. Before that, I was running Easee, a web animation tool for designers which was acquired in April 2016. I also worked at Campaign Monitor, and was part of the early stage team at The Iconic, a rocket internet venture. I've always loved making things out of nothing, things that people use. I got into technology at the age of 14 by learning how to build a website about my local soccer team. Since then I haven't stopped learning, eventually dropped out of university and moved from my tiny home town in the south of France to Sydney. I now spend my time between Australia and the US making design tools at InVision.

Adam Murray Director of Client Strategy (Lightbend), former VP Business (BoldRadius)

Adam Murray is Director of Client Strategy and Strategic Accounts with Lightbend, following their acquisition of his company, BoldRadius Solutions, a professional services firm in which he performed as VP Business. His prior experience with IBM and running his firms make him a good resource for you on subjects including strategy, sales, negotiation, leading teams, software process and handling conflict. Adam is optimistic and keeps close touch with his engineering background and creative interests, using evenings and weekends to code projects and render motion graphics when no one is watching.

Dan Gold Freelance Frontend Web Developer, Photographer and Traveler

Previously, Dan was a frontend engineer at charity: water and was living in Brooklyn, NY. Before entering the nonprofit world, Dan worked at a small creative agency in Philadelphia, PA, as a swiss-army knife web developer. Now, Dan travels the world with Remote Year while contracting work for amazing clients. He writes perfect CSS with no bugs, travels frequently, runs marathons and takes photos.

Sean Gates Front-end engineer

I've been building websites for 18 years, have built well over 1000 sites, and now work as a software engineer at eBay, building eBay's next-generation UX interfaces. I feel comfortable talking to people about anything, but mostly about being a front end developer and engineer.

Jimmy Daly Editor-in-chief at Quickbooks

Been working in content marketing for 6+ years. Ran content at an email startup (Vero) for two years, where I grew the blog from 10k to 150k pageviews. I've done two agency stints and now run a content operation for Quickbooks. I live and breath B2B content strategy.

Kevin David Crowe Product Designer @kevindavidcrowe

Digital Product Designer working the last decade in the startup space. NYC. Currently freelancing while traveling Europe. Fundera / GroupMe / CollegeHumor / BustedTees / Vimeo. I also specialize in Art Direction, Brand Identity and Illustration. I attended School of Visual Arts.

Andrew Hyunsoo Lee Product Designer at Palantir Technologies

Andrew is a product designer currently building enterprise data analysis tools at Palantir Technologies (sounds scary, it's not). When he realized the corporate business world wasn't for him, he panicked - then quickly found passion in designing digital experiences. Previously, he was a product designer at Acorns, an investing startup backed by PayPal, ran an online design course, and studied business at USC. You can talk to Andrew about your portfolio, self-teaching design, getting your foot in the door, mentorship, and his experience working at a big company vs a startup.

Adam Saint UX Community Advocate @ Shopify

Adam Saint is a product designer by trade, and is currently serving the UX community at Shopify. He is a cofounder at Bench Accounting and was formerly the VP of Design. He started his career as an interface designer at MetaLab. Adam tried a mishmash of formal schooling (film school, computer science, philosophy, etc) and never completed a degree. He is proudly Canadian, and believes that design and tech can and should thrive outside of the Popular Hubs™. You can talk with Adam about product design, systems thinking, design leadership, entrepreneurship/startups, mental health, and our professional responsibility to uphold human compassion, dignity, and flourishing.

Nadia Barbosa Developer Support at Mapbox

Nadia Barbosa works on developer support at Mapbox. Previously, she worked at an environmental nonprofit while pursuing graduate study in Geographic Information Science. You can talk to Nadia about code schools, working at a startup, getting your bearings as a new developer, and communicating with others in the technical world.

Justin Johnson Product Manager @ Keen IO

Justin got started in tech via software sales and soon after became obsessed with startups. After learning to code he started a company called Late Labs to connect developers to entrepreneurs to work for small sums of equity. He sunset that and joined Keen IO as the 7th employee and has helped build the business to support thousands of customers data analytics needs. You can talk to Justin about community building, growth, product, silicon valley culture, dyslexia and storytelling.

Juliet Salinas DevOps Engineer

Currently a DevOps Engineer/AWS Solutions Architect - Juliet Salinas has worked her way up through the tech industry starting from an entry-level tech support role. Lacking any formal education, she is self-taught - a testament to the fantastic array of resources available to the motivated learner today. Her story is an example of what hard work and ambition can achieve, even without degrees or expensive certifications. Her life was not without adversity - She struggled with untreated ADHD, and she surrender male privilege when she came out as a transgender. She was forced to rebuild her life from scratch, as she lost her family, job, and home. Living in a garage, working a nighttime sysadmin gig with no healthcare, she studied and improved herself, interviewing during the day. She persevered through multiple rejections before landing her first DevOps role nearly a year ago. In this time, she has rapidly progressed acquiring new skills and 3 AWS certifications in a short time.

Matt Davey Senior Product Designer at 1Password

Matt Davey is senior product designer at 1Password, working across iOS, Android, a web app and a marketing site. Once upon a time he ran a digital product agency that built a photo cushion maker and worked with Microsoft, Nokia, Ecco Shoes and Burberry. You can talk with Matt about working remotely, relocating for a company, designing across platforms, any aspect of design or the morality of pineapple on a pizza.

Sarah Drinkwater Head of Campus at Google

At Google, I head up Campus London, our first physical hub for early-stage entrepreneurs, where we offer best-in-class open access education like a baby-friendly startup school or growth mentoring. Alongside working with many first-time founders and new-to-tech types, I came into tech/startups after ten years working as a journalist and in advertising with two English lit degrees behind me. Before joining Google, I consulted for early stage startups on content and community, led the community function at Qype (acquired by Yelp) and started the Google Maps reviews community team.

Jacob Ford Front-end Designer @ IB5k

Jacob graduated from NYU’s Gallatin school just last May, with a concentration in Ethics of Design, a concentration which he concocted. He’s now figuring out how to design interfaces for IB5k, and also helps curate a design museum in an elevator shaft called Mmuseumm. Talk to Jacob about not being an expert at something when you feel like you’re supposed to be.

Shrey Gupta Product Manager at Google

Shrey is a PM at Google working on Search Ads Quality. Previously he worked as a Software Engineer at YouTube/Google for 4+ years. Within these roles, he has worked on Machine Learning & Large Scale Distributed Systems. Before working full-time, he completed his MS in CS at Stanford and did his undergrad studies at IIT in India.

Shaun Moynihan Designer, Creative Lead

Shaun Moynihan is an product designer and Creative Lead at Scout, a product development studio. Previously, Shaun worked with companies like OpenTable, Grooveshark and Creative Market. You can talk with Shaun about the various facets of design, working with startups, and networking.

Mike MacCombie Investor at Evertrue Ventures / Founder at Undrdog

Mike is currently Managing Partner at Evertrue Ventures, the Brown University alumni investment group. He is also working on the launch of Undrdog, a media platform sharing the experiences and actionable advice of founders from underrepresented populations. Formerly, Mike was a teacher with Teach For America, Head of Special Projects at The Influencers, and a behavior science consultant to New York startups. He geeks out about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, bad puns, and how to MacGyver Social Good. You can talk with him about transitioning to the startup world, building communities, storytelling, brand positioning, and combining passion with profitability.

Raphael Grignani Designer

I'm a designer living in San Francisco and owner of TourneurGoods. Previously, I lead the Growth and Monetization design teams at Pinterest, cofounded/CEOed Jauntful, and designed products and services for Nokia, Method, Google, Heath Ceramics, amongst others. I co-founded the IxDA Interaction Awards to document and celebrate contemporary design.

Jonny Miller Tribe Leader at Escape the City

Just after graduating university, I co-founded the startup Maptia.com with two of my best friends. We were fortunate enough to take part in both Startup Chile and Techstars (Seattle) accelerator programmes which is where I immersed myself in the startup world. Since moving on from Maptia last year, I've joined Escape the City where I'm working full time running their Startup Tribes program. I love the work and helping to mentor the eager and enthusiastic founders who I meet through the school.

Sahil Lavingia Founder/CEO at Gumroad

Sahil Lavingia is the founder and CEO of Gumroad, an all-in-one eCommerce solution for tens of thousands of creators. Before that, he was the second employee and first full-time designer at Pinterest. He moved to Provo, Utah in January 2017 to gain some fresh perspective.

Christine Røde Freelance Product/Experience Designer

Formerly, Christine was a Product Designer at Facebook, where she helped build Facebook Search and Facebook Workplace. Originally from Norway, she's lived and worked in 4 different countries. You can talk to Christine about Product Design, Visual Design, Prototyping, being a woman in tech, navigating corporate politics, transitioning from Graphic Design to Product Design, US visas, and dealing with impostor syndrome and anxiety.

Jason Crawford Co-Founder & CEO, Fieldbook

Jason is co-founder & CEO of Fieldbook, a seed-stage technology startup. In the past he's been startup CTO, dev manager, PM and engineer. Cool things he's done include co-founding Kima Labs (sold to Groupon) and running the Landing Page Optimization team at Amazon. You might ask him about startups, technology, or general career advice.

John Doherty Founder/Digital Marketer

John Doherty is a professional digital marketer turned software entrepreneur. After working with and in some of the largest companies in the world as well as some of the coolest startups to help them build their SEO and growth channels, John started his own company at GetCredo.com, which is a platform to connect businesses with vetted digital marketers. You can speak with John about SEO, growing a digital marketing/growth function within your company, getting into freelancing, and the challenges (and joys) of being a solo semi-technical entrepreneur.

Greg Christian Designer @ Driveway

Greg is a Designer @ Driveway working on product, brand & marketing. Previously he was Sr. Product Designer @ Acorns, a PayPal backed company. You can talk to Greg about Product Design, A/B Testing & getting your foot in the door.

Kevin Twohy Freelance Product Designer

Kevin Twohy is a freelance Product Designer based in Brooklyn, New York. Previously, he was the Director of Product at Hello Inc., and has freelanced for companies like Everlane, Fitbit, BloomThat, Sony, and the National Park Service. You can talk with Kevin about product design, product management, user interface, and running a freelance design business.

Jonas Downey Product Designer @ Basecamp

Jonas is a product designer at Basecamp, where he's been creating interfaces and ideas for many of Basecamp's products since 2011. He's currently working on user onboarding and conversion-related projects for Basecamp 3. Jonas is also the co-creator of a popular iOS app called Hello Weather, and an avid writer. Prior to Basecamp, he worked as a web/UI designer at Argonne National Laboratory. He's happy to talk about finding your way into product design, web or iOS tech, writing, UX, front end development, side projects, strategy, and project management.

Vlad Georgescu Design Lead @ Directly

Vlad helped design and define Directly's enterprise product that's being used by companies like Airbnb, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others. Talk to Vlad about product design, working remotely, being the only designer in a startup, or the nomadic lifestyle.

Alison Groves Support/Marketing

Alison Groves started out in the music industry before shifting to tech. At her third startup now called Highrise, previously did support and biz dev at Zapier. Her interests lay in shifting the conversation from selling and growth to helping user achieve their goals and solve their problems.

Jakob Heuser Head of Core Experience, Pinterest

Jakob is currently an engineering leader at Pinterest, and was formerly an engineering manager and principal developer at LinkedIn. Jakob's always open to talk about engineering, diversity, startups, UI development, and engineering leadership.

Alicia Hurst Product Manager

After winning a startup hackathon in as a product leader, Alicia got the guts to dive head first into her first product management role at a startup called PowerToFly. Prior to that, she was a freelance web designer and front end developer for many years, helping fledgling companies launch their web presence. She is self-taught in UX, design, HTML, CSS/Sass, WordPress, SQL, and many other things. You can talk with Alicia about product management, web development, mentorship, startups, and working remotely.

Dan Driscoll Product Manager at HomeAway

Dan Driscoll is an Austin, TX-based entrepreneur and digital technologist. Technology startups counting him as a co-founder include: * reQwip.com, a local peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling sports gear * Prepify.me, an edtech startup offering free SAT and ACT prep online In 2015, Built In Austin included him on its list "50 Austin tech CEOs, founders, designers & hackers you should follow on Twitter." Prior to moving to Austin, Dan co-founded and directed City FC, an urban outreach nonprofit providing academic and soccer coaching to youth in Washington, DC. He has also worked for Expedia, Inc., EnviroMedia, The University of Texas, Universal Sports and NBCOlympics.com’s Emmy Award-winning team covering the 2008 Beijing Olympics. His writing, work and insights have been featured in publications such as The Economist, VentureBeat, Poets & Quants, Universal Sports, NBCOlympics.com, NBCSports.com, Austin Monthly, Bicycling Magazine, The Austin Statesman, The Los Angeles Times, Built In Austin, various local TV news segments and more. Dan received MBA and MA in Communication degrees from The University of Texas at Austin, as well as BA degrees in Environmental Analysis and Politics from Pomona College in Claremont, CA. In his spare time, Dan volunteers with organizations such as StartOut and shares bits of nonsense at Medium.com/@dbdriscoll and Twitter.com/dbdriscoll.

Stephanie Shaw Solution Architect at Salesforce.com

Stephanie is a Korean adoptee raised in a US military family, with a BA from Colgate University. In the past 5 years, she has gone from a market research company of < 10 employees to one of the largest tech companies in the world. Her journey includes getting a position with a company that wasn't hiring, working at a startup, and even starting her company to work as a bonafide independent consultant. You can talk to Stephanie about how to transform skills across industries; career changes; working at a small company where your boss is owner/CEO/founder, a startup where your job title changes daily, or a large company where you're one of 20k global employees; starting your own business to work for yourself; working remotely from home; traveling for work, making professional development work for you; and, navigating diversity as the minority (female/non-white/first-generation college) member.

Sandra Macias Product Designer @ Hipbyte

Sandra Macias, is a product designer at @Hipbyte. Previously, Sandra was the Head of Design at Hackers/Founders Co-op. Also, worked as a contractor for Google in LatAm, reviewing and selecting featured apps for Google Play Store. You can talk with Sandra about design process, collaboration with engineering teams, career transition from Architecture to Product Design, networking, and tech communities.

Craig Wattrus Product Designer @ Braintree

Craig has worked in a number of industries from combatting counterfeit medicine on the African continent to big banking projects and has experience working for both startups and medium sized companies. You can talk to Craig about navigating your first design job, choosing a good starting point for your career, surviving as the only designer in your team, product design, interacting with clients and building a design team.

Vinish Garg Content strategist, Product designer, Storyteller | vhite

Vinish works with product teams to ensure that the content aligns with the whole product life cycle for business goals and for the customer experience goals. Vinish founded ContentHug, and he owns a digital agency that won the agency partner title for Relayto. Vinish writes at Medium. You can talk to Vinish to refine or scope your business idea for validation, product design and UX, content strategy, or content marketing.

Arturo Goicochea Designer at Microsoft Office

Arturo is a self taught product designer from Lima, Peru. After studying Industrial Engineering and a few corporate jobs, he made the switch to design in early 2015. Nowadays, Arturo is a at Microsoft working on the future of Office. He can help with product thinking, AI, interaction and can help with tips and thoughts on pushing your career forward.

Mariusz Ciesla Product Designer & Co-founder of Lifetramp.com

I started out as a freelance web designer & developer back in high school. Around 3rd year of college I joined my first agency — Making Waves in Krakow, Poland. That allowed me to work with a bunch of pretty great clients, from startups to governments and corporates, and travel to Oslo. After a year at Making Waves I switched to a more startup-oriented company called Lunar Logic and in my second year became lead designer for their internal product — Kanbanery. Quit in 2013, went back to freelancing and met my co-founder, Adam, with whom I started Lifetramp.com — a platform that lets you try a job for a day. Right now, I'm part-time working with Lifetramp and part-time working on client projects to pay the bills.

Saul Fleischman CEO @RiteKit: a suite of four SaaS productivity tools

I bootstrapped Tagbag into RiteTag into RiteKit (a suite of four SaaS products for social media ROI) over the last five years. Still with the original co-founders, we have a team of over 25, an office in Prague, and doubled staff in the last year. You can ask Saul about getting into the best possible internship or job in a startup, as well as founding and building companies, bootstrapping vs. fundraising, product design, recruiting, and launching products.

Sarah Gottfried Lead Experience Designer at Opentable

Early in my career, I was a full stack .NET developer (sometimes designer, tester, training leader, project manager) consulting for the government in Washington, DC. A comment from my client about a new feature containing "too many clicks" is what pushed me to focus on design full time. I attended Carnegie Mellon University's Master of Human-Computer Interaction program and rejoined the workforce anxious to find interesting problems worth solving. I joined OpenTable and moved to SF where I design experiences to help restaurants run their businesses and deliver great hospitality to diners.

Abhimanyu Godara Founder/CEO of bottr.me

Abhimanyu is trying to simplify the way world works by re-building the web around people and entities instead of pages and urls through personal chat bots. Previously he managed portfolio investments @TLabs accelerator (worked with 40+ startups) / ex. strategy / Masters LSE & B.Tech IIT. Ask me about product, growth and strategy.

Aaina Sharma Creative Director

Aaina has been designing experience for the past 7 years at places like IDEO, Zendesk and now HelloSign. She started out as a Graphic Designer but quickly transitioned to Experience Design. You can talk to Aaina about Product Design, Product Strategy, branding, start ups, creative blocks, and side projects.

Lukasz Lysakowski Design Director

Design Director at Peek, the tour and activities industry leading booking platform. I oversee product design of the B2B platform and brand design of B2C marketplace. Responsible for user experience across desktop, mobile web, as well as mobile apps. Previously led UX and VD of online communities for Cisco, Nike, Pearson, SAP, and more. Oversaw Agency of Record marketing projects and led the design of RSA Conference for two years. Senior mentor at Cascade SF, where I mentor new product designers.

Patrick Lewis Head of Design @ Button

Patrick started two companies in school before dropping out and joining Techstars NYC. Since then, he's helped startups around the world with their products and volunteer as a mentor for Techstars, ERA, and Startup Institute where he help young designers. Patrick would love to chat about getting started as a designer, freelancing, being the first designer at a company, design management, designing two-sided marketplaces, and starting companies.

Marcin Wichary Designer/typographer at Medium + Writer on my own

Marcin grew up in Poland, and lived in a few countries in Europe before moving to America. He has education both in computer science and human-computer interaction. He worked at Google (internal tools, search, Chrome, interactive doodles), Code for America (criminal justice, participatory street design), and Medium (design, typography, engineering, internationalization, platform design). He used to work at a computer games magazine before all that, and he does random creative projects time and again. He’s been writing and giving public talks, too. He’d love to talk to you about any of those previous sentences. :·)

Igor Boshoer Co-founder, Linum.io / Film & VR Technologist

Creative technologist and entrepreneur with almost 10 years experience working across VR/AR, visual effects, and animation pipelines. I have spent a great deal of my career working in some of the top visual effects studios in New York City and San Francisco building studio technology. Past work experience includes Method Studios and Lucasfilm: Industrial Light & Magic.

Jared Jones Program Manager @ GitHub

Jared runs GitHub's Developer Program, enabling developers to build software with GitHub's REST and GraphQL APIs. He also leads a small, full-service digital agency called Santa Cruz Studios. Previously, Jared was responsible for running software development teams that built some of America's most important mobile banking applications. Prior to his work in FinTech, he managed a B2B digital advertising program at Google that was centered around the AdWords platform.

Tim Cheadle Senior Engineer at General Assembly

Tim is a senior software engineer at GA, a former SRE at Google, and has held various CTO and lead developer roles. He also owned a software consulting business for the last six years. You can talk to Tim about many aspects of engineering, management, remote work, and working at and for companies of various sizes. He is excited about helping people identify and pursue their values as well as nurturing a seed of confidence in themselves.

Alex Pate Design Engineer at Lystable

Taught myself the basics of design and development at around 16. Spent the next two years trying to work out what to do when I left school. Looked at a whole manor of different things, from architecture to digital media production. Completely overlooked the one thing that I spent most of my spare time doing: making websites. Spent the next three years on a web design specific university course. Then moved in to my first job as a Front-end Developer at Pusher. Over the past 14 months, I've moved slightly away from 'pure' front-end, and a bit closer to design. Have recently joined Lystable as a design engineer to help close the gaps between creative and engineering.

Chris Winn VP of Engineering @ Creative Market

Chris is a software engineer and manages an engineering team at Creative Market. Before that he was a tech lead at a major presidential campaign, PACs, and non-profits. You can talk to Chris about growing as a software engineer, interviewing, building teams, and growing companies.

Elena Timofeeva Salesforce consultant, business analyst and project manager at Fluido

Elena started her tech journey as a self-taught Linux admin (has a degree in biology), then moved to enterprise software consulting, worked for Russian government and Microsoft. A year ago she moved from Russia to Finland, having no idea if it's possible to land a job in IT consulting for a non-Finnish speaker. Since October 2016, she's been working as a Salesforce consultant wearing also hats of a business analyst, project manager and trusted adviser for her clients. You can talk with Elena about getting into the industry, being an immigrant, and any aspect of running enterprise projects.

Megan Conyers Growth + Impact Strategist, Self-employed

Previously, Megan worked in national nonprofit organizations building communities and became hooked to the concept of making a tangible difference in people’s quality of life. She’s consulted with entrepreneurs and companies from across the US and LatAm to help them validate ideas and launch in often complex markets. You can talk to Megan about starting up, setting a strategy for launch, defining your target market, innovating in your existing company, or creating (and measuring) social impact.

JP Valery Product Marketing Manager @ Gameloft

I'm an hyperactive creative multitask polyvalent guy. Graduate with a Master of Science, my expertise fields are numerous and diverse : Marketing, Freemium, Social Media, Newsletters, Blogging and webzines,... I'm currently working @ Gameloft and running 2 indies magazine on the side. And I'm also a photographer.

Nicole Patton Manager of Desktop Engineering, Proskauer Rose LLP

Nicole Patton is the Manager of Desktop Engineering at Proskauer Rose, LLP. Formally, Nicole was an IT Manager at Lockheed Martin. Talk to Nicole about the journey for non-coders in the tech space (they do exist), achieving success in tech as a woman, career development, and engineering solutions that enhance client experience.

Conor Muirhead Designer at Basecamp

👋 It all started when I found someone willing to pay me $1,000 to make their (and my first) website! From there I quickly fell in love with the web and how fun it is to create things and then share them with the world online. Before long, I became more interested in making software than websites, so I shifted my focus to web-based software. After making a few web apps of my own, I convinced someone to hire my to work on theirs and I haven't looked back since! These days I work at Basecamp on our web-based app that helps folks run companies and teams calmly. I'm happy to talk about getting started in tech (particularly on the web), working on a product team, front-end development, and anything else to do with designing software that helps people make progress!

Pete Hancock Former VP of Sales @ Yelp, currently on Sabbatical

Pete was employee #20 at Yelp and over the past 10 years helped build the company and Sales Org. You can chat with Pete about starting a career in Tech, scaling a company from 20 to 2,000, managing people & leading teams, working effectively cross-functionally, figuring out your business model, adapting your business model, selling your Product and building a Sales & Marketing machine. He is currently taking a break from work and traveling around the world.

Matt Spiel Director of Design at Treehouse.

Matt Spiel is the Director of Design at Treehouse. He's been with Treehouse nearly 4 years spending time as a product designer and engineering manager prior to taken on a director role. He believes very strongly in the power of being a generalist. You can talk to Matt about a variety of topics like remote work, being a multi-disciplinary designer, balancing family and work, design leadership, management, process, and failure.

Ranga Vadhineni Founder Localmint and CouponHunt

I am a Full Stack Developer( 10 years exp. ) based in Dublin, Ireland. I have previously built and launched products named www.localmint.com, www.couponhunt.co and www.leapchat.co Previously worked in Microsoft and Dell in Ireland.

John Saddington Founder, Writer, Indie App Developer, Dad, n00b Vlogger

Programmer for 18 years. Worked at a fortune 50 at 15 yrs old, was an exec at fortune 50 at age 25. Did non-profit for a few years. Got 2 masters degrees, one in education. Licensed marriage / pre-marriage counselor. I build startups, most failed, a few worked. I particularly love talking about transitions, helping people discover where they are meant to be and empowering them to be their very best selves. I love people and team dynamics and I particularly love mentoring new and younger leaders.

Natalie Semczuk Freelance Project Manager

Natalie is a freelance and remote project manager living in Austin at the moment. She has worked with small start ups, large corporations, and agencies of all sizes. Natalie got started in the industry as a graphic designer. You can talk to her about freelancing, remote work, managing projects small and large, tough clients, creating processes, public speaking, and navigating your career.

Ryan Murphy Product Design at Qumu

I've worked at a startup, an agency and now a bigger established company. Working to get design at the centre of how the company moves forward. I started as an intern whilst studying at University. I've worked with TfL, News UK and many others.

Paige Pauli Product Designer @ Palantir Technologies

Paige is currently a member of the product design team at Palantir in Palo Alto and loves the challenges that come along with enterprise software. She has taught with General Assembly, Girl Develop It, AppCamp4Girls, and other organizations. You can talk to Paige about product design, diversity and inclusion, CSS, education, "soft skills" coaching, running small-scale startups, developing and executing large-scale product visions.

Jess Chen UX Designer at eero

Halfway through my study in industrial design, I discovered that what I love about design is solving problems that will better my community. Since that discovery, I've worked to shape my career around problems and products I believe will make a positive impact on the world. Currently, I am a product designer at eero. You can talk to me about what it's like to transition from industrial design into software product design, working at a fast growing company, and the challenges of being the first designer on a growing team.

Akshay Pruthi Product Manager(ixigo), ex-ceo & founder, Reach App(acquired)

Akshay Pruthi enrolled at the Delhi University where he studied Instrumentation & Control Engineering. During the studies, he dared to experiment and start a venture to provide a platform for amateur artists. He sold his blood, invested $8000, generated $1800 in revenue when he realised he won't be able to scale this up. An year later, he came up with a pivot, a mobile app which lets you discover the content available on your friend's phone. He along with his co-founders raised about half a million $ from institutional VCs and angel investors. After 2 years of constant hustle, figured a product market fit issue with the product, & decided to return 50% of the investors money, at the same time, got an acquisition offer by ixigo- one of the largest meta travel companies in India. Currently, he is leading special projects here.

Amandeep Khurana Co-founder, CEO

Amandeep is the CEO of Cerebro Data, a company in the enterprise data analytics and security space that he co-founded in 2016. Formerly, he was one of the Principal Architects at Cloudera and worked with large customers on their data strategy. Prior to that, Amandeep did engineering at AWS. Amandeep has also co-authored a book on large scale systems, HBase in Action.

Audrey Yang Freelance UX researcher

After studying mechanical engineering and deciding not to be a mechanical engineer, Audrey decided to join Google in 2004 as an administrative assistant, since they were doing interesting and exciting things. While there she tried out a number of roles before discovering UX and transitioning to that team. She's worked on Google Apps, Sketchup, Maps, spent a year on assignment in Tokyo (working on Android, transit, and search results), and returned to California to work on Adwords Express, small and local business research in general, Google Offers, and Google Wallet. After almost 10 years at Google, she's spent the last 3 years freelancing. Ask Audrey is happy to talk about transitioning to UX without a UX background, UX research, international research, and anything having to do with the ocean.

Bernardo de Seabra Software Architect, Big Data Systems @ Yahoo!

Bernardo de Seabra has been with Yahoo! since the acquisition of BrightRoll in 2015 where he is responsible for the architecture of data infrastructure (pipelines and warehouses) that provides advertising products with analytics and reporting capabilities. He also led the systems integration effort post BrightRoll acquisition. Bernardo joined BrightRoll in 2011 where he was responsible for the big data infrastructure (analytics, reporting, billing). He lead the effort of re-architecting the infrastructure to scale to ~20TB per day and ~50B transactions per day, as well as establishing a technology roadmap in support of the company’s vision and product roadmap. Bernardo was also key in defining and implementing processes and best practices across engineering through the different stages of BrightRoll’s growth. From 2009 to 2011, Bernardo lead the backend development for all mobile games at Playdom, which was later acquired by Walt Disney. At Portugal Ventures, Bernardo evaluates startups’ pitches to assess potential investments. He is also an investor and board member at boomApp.co, an AR startup. Bernardo mentors at 500 Startups and Portugal Ventures to help startups assess and tackle their technical challenges, align their technology with business priorities, find a balance between premature optimization and scalability bottlenecks, and establish a technical vision. He provides specific expertise relating to ad tech, big data, architecture, distributed and highly scalable systems, databases, infrastructure, engineering team structure/growth and lean/agile execution. Lastly, he provides introductions to investors and other industry experts where appropriate. Bernardo received his Bachelor degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and was the recipient of the PSP Pinto/Fialon Scholarship.

Niftylettuce CTO

I'm a scrappy & bootstrapped hacker that has sold several startups.

Angus Woodman Co-founder of Crew (crew.co) and Unsplash (unsplash.com)

Angus Woodman is the (technical) co-founder of Crew and Unsplash. He has also worked on finance and data-mining startups, as well as being a tech consultant for larger companies. He has built product and engineering teams, and programmed in just about every web language. He's particularly interested in culture building, teaching, and the intersection of technology and business, having studied business and economics himself.

Mohd Wassem Founder

I am a co-founder at Bobble Keyboard, an (iOS | Android) app from India to enable real-time personalization on mobile. Our inventive technology enables instantaneous personalization of content. With just 1 selfie, users get free unlimited personalized stickers and GIFs- with their faces, in any language, in real time. We are the most viral and engaged app from India with 7M+ installs in a year. We are the highest ranking Android app in India at our scale. We have the youngest user base- younger than even Snapchat. 90% of our 5 million+ installs are by users 25 or younger. Our engagement and growth metrics are comparable to the best globally.

Meg M. Escobar People Operations, Women in Tech, Office Ninja

With a passion for cultivating culture and driving unique employee experiences, Meg is an Office Ninja with over a decade of experience in executive operations, office management, and event planning. In addition to being an office guru, she is an entrepreneurially minded Bay Area native, travel enthusiast, and crazy cat lady. She has an affinity for building relationships and has made it her life mission to empower and help everyone reach their full potential. Currently, she is the Head of People Operations at Pillow Global, Founder of Nesting Ninja, an Office Ninja Ambassador, and Founding Member of TechLadies.

Darin Dimitroff Product designer and founder at spacefarm

Darin Dimitroff is a technical product designer focused on front-end design systems. Darin is a self-taught designer who used to work in advertising and branding before moving to product. In the last few years, he has done work for tech startups (mostly US based), publications and larger corporations. He's currently designing a testing & certification platform used by NATO and the US Army. You can talk to Darin about running a small design business in Europe, the intersection of design and code, advocating the case for design systems, remote work, imposter syndrome and living in a place with a tiny design community.

James Sturtevant Developer Evangelist

James (@aspenwilder) works for Microsoft where he partners with developers to explore the latest technologies for the web and IoT.  Prior to Microsoft, he worked in the web development space for 10+ years working with startups and enterprises to improve the way they do business through technology. James is a regular speaker at local and national conferences and blogs at jamessturtevant.com. When he isn’t practicing his software craft James can be found running through the woods, climbing mountains, or hiking with his daughters.   You can hear more about my story at http://developeronfire.com/podcast/episode-199-james-sturtevant-masterminding-engagment

Nik Laufer-Edel Product Manager at Lyft

Product Manager for the passenger experience at Lyft. Formerly product at Udemy, the largest online learning marketplace. Taught and developed the curriculum at Product School. Customer focused with background in design and research.

Daryl Chymko Software Developer (Freelance)

I'm a web developer with a passion for social impact. My work has mainly been as an independent freelancer but I've also worked for startups and large consulting companies. My engineering experience is primarily in the backend, database and DevOps side of things, but I dabble in other areas of the stack too. I'm located in Western Canada and have designed a flexible work-life balance that allows me to pursue a life filled with adventure and travel.

Victoria Stoyanova Community Strategist

Victoria's work is focused on connecting people, ideas and spaces in new ways. Previously regional manager at Techstars and head of community and culture at Second Home, she now runs Malleable - a practice dedicated to community strategy and interdisciplinary collaboration. She has spent the last decade building communities and has had the chance to work with the likes of the BBC, Microsoft Ventures, Hyper Island and the Victoria & Albert museum. She's also a Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts and runs the London chapter of CreativeMornings.

Mopewa Ogundipe Software developer at Khan Academy

I graduated from Carnegie Mellon (BS, CS) in May 2016 and started full time as a software developer on the mobile team at Khan Academy in August 2016. Before that, I interned at Instagram and Khan Academy and was a Facebook University Intern. You can talk to me about anything but especially internships, starting your first full-time job, salary negotiations, career development, and diversity and inclusion in tech.

Maya Benari Front end designer at 18F (GSA)

Maya Benari is a designer and front end developer who's passionate about making the world a better place through technology and design. She works at 18F where she helped build a design system for the U.S. government. Formerly at Code for America. Talk to her about design systems, accessibility, user centered design, design for social good, and working your way up in a design career.

Mike Slagh Founder at Shift.org

I was on the US Navy bomb squad for 7 years before starting a company to help fellow veterans break into tech. In the Navy, I traveled to foreign countries to train militaries and police forces to safely disarm anything from improvised devices to nuclear weapons. Now, I'm showing this generation of veterans that the technical and operational proficiency they learned in the military can be a terrific asset to any tech company with shift.org.

Diana Mounter Product Designer and leads the Design Systems team at Github

Formerly Diana was a Senior Product Designer at Etsy, Interaction Designer at Snapguide, and UX Designer at Vast.com. You can talk to Diana about design systems, user-centric design, scalable CSS, design facilitation, and team collaboration.

Kathy Baxter Principal User Researcher @ Salesforce

I have worked at Salesforce since October 2015. Previously, I was a UX Researcher at Google for nearly 11 years. I was also the UX Infrastructure Manager for ~3 of those years. Prior to that, I worked at eBay & Oracle as a Sr UX Researcher. I am the co-author of ""Understanding your users."" Learn more at https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathykbaxter I am comfortable talking to people about: User research, research ethics, research methods, UX infrastructure, diversity, job interviewing.

Dylan Blanchard UX Research Lead at Shopify

Dylan Blanchard is a ux researcher at Shopify where he helps teams better understand the world Shopify's merchants operate in. He also helps to figure out how a team of 15+ researchers can do their best, most impactful work. Chat with Dylan about what ux research is, how to get started in the field, why your organization needs ux research, and anything else that's loosely related to pizza.

Travis Hines Previously Sr. Design Lead at Shopify

Travis Hines is now investing all of 2017 in becoming a better human, father, husband, and creative. He was a Sr. Design Lead at Shopify for 3.5 years, where he lead, created, and grew brand and marketing teams, and learned how to manage, communicate, and ship in a large organization. Before that he was the Creative Co-Founder of a product startup named Pilot (acquired by Shopify), and at Teehan+Lax led the design of Readability's mobile apps. He can help with product and marketing UX, portfolio prep and interviewing, branding, and entrepreneurship.

Amanda Tessier Digital Marketer at Altisource

Amanda Tessier is a digital marketer at financial services and tech company Altisource. She leads email marketing, landing page implementation, and search engine optimization within the corporate marketing team. Formerly, she worked in a software startup and was a SEO Specialist in agency, plus freelanced on the side. Please feel free to ask about startups, agencies, corporate cultures, any aspect of marketing, learning to code, consulting, and balancing the 9-5 with the 5-9.

Chris Kelly Senior Manager, Software Engineering at Salesforce

Chris Kelly is 10+ years into a software engineering career, and has moved from a masters degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, through a handful of very technical roles, to his current position where he is leading teams of engineers at Salesforce to deliver value to their customers. Chris lives in Atlanta and is thoroughly convinced that someone can have a complete career in the technology industry in Atlanta. Outside of work, he is a dad, husband, and avid mountain biker. You can talk with Chris about careers in computer science, startups -vs- big companies, code schools -vs- college, and consulting -vs- product companies, and anything else software related.

Tim Herbig Head of Product at ORBIT Ventures

Formerly, I worked on the Premium product at XING (Germany's LinkedIn competitor) for both, web and mobile, as a PM. Prior to that, I tried to lift off a mobile platform for dog owners (failed) and have been responsible for one of Germany's biggest news apps. I mainly found my way into Product Management by simply writing a lot about it.

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